I’m a professional designer always striving to challenge myself and to build upon my experience. A new facet of this is integrating my existing design service MeMyself&Co. under the new umbrella of Adrian Constantyn Associates while also partnering with KMW Associates to expand our suite of services. These moves continue the shift of my focus to experience and environmental design for spaces in the private and public sectors.

I graduated from art school with a BFA in Graphic Design 26 years ago, and I’ve been creatively solving problems ever since in places as far-flung as L.A., metro Detroit, Washington D.C., and even Hong Kong. I’ve been a designer, an art director, a freelancer, an owner of my own design practice, an environmental designer working in the museum exhibits field, and—most recently—an experiential designer in the corporate architecture industry.

I address a broad range of tasks while managing multiple assignments across numerous business channels. My work has included design for museums, corporate sites, and traveling exhibitions; interior and exterior signage; editorial products and publications; identity and branding; print and web advertising; websites and social media; events and staging; marketing collateral; and retail products and apparel. I also provide project and resource management, vendor sourcing, and process improvement strategies.

My career arc has been unconventional and broad, teaching me not just how to be a great designer, but how to be an idea partner and a business asset. I’m nimble, shift gears precisely, and can communicate with all stakeholders to ensure target audiences are addressed uniquely. I’m a turn-key solutions supplier—a visual artist and a composer; a writer and a proof reader; a strategist and a process developer; a budgeter and a manager. It’s not about ego, it’s not about tension. It’s about reaching escape velocity from the mundane to create original, lasting, high-impact experiences.

If you’re interested, I welcome you to look through this site to learn more about my work experience and what I have created, download a sampling of my most recent work or my CV,  and to contact me explore partnering opportunities.


Adrian O. Constantyn

Adrian O. Constantyn