I’m a professional designer always striving to try new things and to challenge myself. I graduated from art school with a BFA in Graphic Design 23 years ago, and I’ve been creatively solving problems ever since in places as far-flung as L.A., metro Detroit, Washington D.C., and even Hong Kong. I’ve been a designer, an art director, a freelancer, an owner of my own design practice, and—most recently—an environmental designer focusing on museums. I address a broad range of tasks while managing multiple assignments across numerous business channels. My work has included design for museums, corporate sites, and traveling exhibitions; interior and exterior signage; editorial products and publications; identity and branding; print and web advertising; websites and social media; events and staging; marketing collateral; and retail products and apparel. I also provide project and resource management and sourcing, and process improvement strategies.

My career arc has been unconventional and broad, teaching me not just how to be a great designer, but how to be an idea partner and a business asset. I’m nimble, shift gears precisely, and can communicate with all stakeholders to ensure target audiences are addressed uniquely. I’m a turn-key solutions supplier—a visual artist and a composer; a writer and a proof reader; a strategist and a process developer; a budgeter and a manager. It’s not about ego, it’s not about tension. It’s about reaching escape velocity from the mundane to create original, lasting, high-impact experiences.

If you’re interested, I welcome you to look through this site to learn more about my work experience and what I have created, download a sampling of my most recent work or my CV,  and to contact me for a chat. I’m flattered you want to know me better, and I’d be happy to spill my guts.


Adrian O. Constantyn

Adrian O. Constantyn